Vinn Baijiu

Baijiu—pronounced "bye-joe"—is a traditional distilled alcoholic beverage, and is considered the national drink of China. The name baijiu literally means "white liquor."

In China, alcohol is also called the "Water of History" as stories of liquor can be traced back over 4,000 years. Our recipe for Vinn Baijiu has been in the family for many generations. In ancient China, alcohol was regarded as a sacred liquid, and people made sacrificial offerings to Heaven and Earth or to their ancestors. Our family still uses baijiu today to honor our ancestors during every holiday and family occasion.

How to Drink Baijiu

Baijiu is normally served at room temperature or warm in a small ceramic bottle, then poured into a small cup or shot glass. Baijiu is traditionally consumed together with food rather than on its own. Vinn Baijiu is always at the center of our dinner table.


Review of Vinn Baijiu from BTI (Beverage Testing Institute): Gold 91 Points (Exceptional) 

Review of Vinn Baijiu from San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Gold Medal