Vinn Vodka and Vinn Baijiu can be found at many liquor stores around Oregon and some areas in Southern and Northern California, Washington, Illinois and Tulsa, Oklahoma. This map shows the locations we know about—if you find a store carrying our products that isn't on this map, please let us know

Vinn Vodka, Baijiu and Whiskey are now available online! Below are places you can order from:

Mission Liquor: Whiskey

Remedy Liquor: Whiskey

Passion Spirits: Baijiu, Whiskey

BigFish Spirits (only available for Illinois residents): Baijiu Family Reserve, Baijiu, Whiskey, Vodka, Honey Baijiu, Mocha Baijiu, Blackberry Liqueur, Strawberry Liqueur

Check out our Online store and have any of the mixers, bitters and merchandise shipped directly to you!

Remember that all our products can be sampled and purchased at our Tasting Room!

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